Ending 2017 with a look back at the BEST feel-good videos of the year

There was lots of good news in 2017 that you might have missed. We're taking a look back the Top 10 most popular feel-good videos of the year.

10. High School volleyball player's diving save gains nationwide attention.

Her incredible play went viral and even had three-time Olympic gold medalist Kerri Walsh Jennings tweeting her admiration.

9. Mickey Mouse helps tell kids their official adoption date.

Janielle and Elijah found out their foster parents would become their forever parents at the most magical place on earth.

8. North Carolina deputy busts a move in dance-off.

The viral video showed the uniting power of laughter...and dance.

7. Boys surprise mom with new car on Valentine's Day.

Three sons and their stepfather go further than flowers and surprise mom by gifting her with a much needed new vehicle.

6. Pitbull gives birth to 11 puppies, gently places them in 'foster mom's' lap.

Grace the Pitbull brought every one of her eleven puppies to her foster mother, proving this mistreated dog had finally found someone she could trust with her babies.

5. Maple Grove scores 3 touchdowns in final minute for comeback win.

A Minnesota high school football team scored 19 points in less than a minute in a comeback for the ages.

4. Homeless man stands on same corner for 3 years, now part of community.

Victor was homeless and stood on the same corner every day for three years-- until Ginger stopped to talk to him and eventually gave him a job and then welcomed him into her family.

3. Big house, many people: man builds home for entire family, friends.

In an incredible commitment to his family, a man built a 20,000 sq foot house so ALL his relatives can be together.

2. Philadelphia Love Run Half-Marathon makes special memories.

Captured on film is the incredible moment of sportsmanship when two runners helped an injured fellow runner cross the finish line of the Philadelphia Love Run Half-Marathon.

1. Little girl's viral meltdown is proof that hugs can heal anything.

A crying toddler tells her dad about having a fight with her friends-- and dad comforting makes her day. And it will make yours, too.

These are the videos we shared, and that moved us the most. And for that, thank you 2017.