Dying forbidden in Norwegian town - because it is too cold

This week brought the D.C. region its first snowfall of 2015. Along with the snow, frigid temperatures are making it feel like it's below zero!

A lot of problems have been caused by the cold and snow – problems like school delays, roads hazards, and water main breaks.

But in one Arctic town – the cold brings even bigger problems.

The harsh climate of the Norwegian city of Longyearbyen has caused the town to forbid you to die.

Well, you can die, however, if you do have the misfortune of dying in Longyearbyen, the city will not bury you there.

According to an online report by the BBC, the town's graveyard stopped accepting bodies about 70 years ago.

The reason is because, it's so cold, that bodies are preserved by permafrost and fail to decompose.

Bodies are now shipped to other parts of the country where it is warmer.

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