Dupont Circle snowball fight moved to Meridian Hill Park

With the biggest snowstorm of this winter expected for Monday night going into Tuesday, snowballers in our area will need to warm up their arms and dress warmly. For the first time since last March, a snowball fight will commence at 11 a.m. Tuesday-- with a little location adjustment.

The snowball fight has been moved to Meridian Hill Park, after Dupont Circle was apparently plowed overnight.

UPDATE: Here's a preview of what happened, courtesy of our own Brody Logan:

In the thick of the #DCSNOWBALLFIGHT

The Washington DC Snowball Fight Association has posted the details of the organized event on their Facebook page and has even laid out some ground rules to keep everyone safe and out of trouble:

- We'll respect any requests of the Metropolitan Police Department and the U.S. National Park Police

- We hope you won't target members of the media (too hard) or damage anyone's camera

- In the interests of safety, we urge everyone to play fair, NOT THROW ICE, and wear any protective gear that you think you need

- Pelting moving vehicles could cause accidents, so we say: please don't go there

- And we also want to state the obvious: anyone who behaves recklessly is responsible for the consequences.

The snowball fights at Dupont Circle has usually drawn hundreds of people to the area and we have witnessed the event being held as far back as the back-to-back blizzards that slammed the nation's capital in February of 2010.