Dubai bar offers women free drinks based on how much they weigh

A bar in Dubai is making headlines over a promotion offering free drinks to women based on how much they weigh.

Fusion Club, located inside the Cassells Al Barsha Hotel, says the more female customers weigh the more free drinks they can get.

Female patrons can redeem the “it’s good to gain weight” promotion by either weighing themselves on a scale located inside the bar or they can discreetly write their weight down on a piece a paper for the bartender, according to Insider.

The written weight option does not require authentication because the bar’s management respects the “magnanimity of our lady guests.”

Women get one Emirate dirham (UAE's currency) for every kilogram they weigh. A female patron weighing 150 pounds, for example, would get $68 AED worth of free drinks, which is about $18.50 in US dollars.

Unfortunately for male customers, the drink special does not apply to them.

"Although we have a weighing machine at the bar entrance, we do not insist our guests to verify the weight," said the hotel’s manager Anil Kumar.

The United Arab Emirates club said it believes in “being different than the rest of the nightclubs and hotels in making our guests delighted.”

“We wanted the ladies to surprise their partners and friends that it's good to gain weight!" Kumar said.

Though some outlets in Dubai reported that the public has had mixed responses to the drink promotion, the club said it has extended through the end of the year.

"We don't have to be too serious on everything," Kumar said. "Dubai is a city for entertainment and fun. We never ask women to check their weight, we trust them and just serve whatever number they wrote on the paper without asking questions. Therefore, we don't see any reason to feel any bad intention about the offer."

The bar offers other “crazy and unique” promotions every month that are “enjoyed by both men and women.”

One previous deal offered free drinks every night to women between 30 and 40.