Don’t text and drive: Police share video of distracted driver crashing car into utility pole

A Massachusetts police department is warning drivers to stay off their phones by posting a video that shows a distracted driver crashing into a pole and flipping over on a highway.

On Monday, the Berlin Police Department shared the video, which was provided by a citizen who witnessed the crash on their own dashcam. The crash happened on July 23, according to the Facebook post.

The short video shows a black sedan suddenly veer off Route 62 and smash into a utility pole, shattering the wooden structure. The vehicle then flipped over and the citizen, who was right behind the driver, veered off the road near the pole as well.

Authorities said the driver of the sedan only suffered minor injuries and was cited for texting and driving.

“We want to remind everyone about the serious outcomes that can result from texting and driving, being distracted by any other means, or impairment from drugs or alcohol,” the post said.

On Wednesday, the department shared a photo of another vehicle flipped over on the same highway. Authorities said it was the “same pole, different accident from distracted driving.”

The driver in that crash was hospitalized with non-life-threatening injuries, according to the post.

“The text, email, Facebook, Snapchat message can wait – it is not worth your life or the life of another person,” the department said.

This story was reported from Los Angeles.