Dog survives after jumping out of moving car on 101 Freeway near LA's Woodland Hills

A foster dog miraculously dodged a semi-truck after jumping out of the car they were in at full speed on the 101 Freeway near Los Angeles' Woodland Hills neighborhood.

According to the dog's foster family, the 6-month-old pup jumped off the car they were in on January 27 near the Topanga Canyon Boulevard Exit. When the dog tumbled across the road, the semi-truck slammed the brakes, stopping just in time to avoid hitting the pup. 

The dog, now known by the family under the nickname "Sophie, the stunt dog," not only was safe from the semi-truck but she also didn't get hit by the other vehicles surrounding the giant vehicle.

The family told FOX 11 News upon sharing the dramatic videos that the footage didn't capture the sounds of kids screaming and honking from passing vehicles on the road. In addition to surviving the incident, it was also a miracle that Sophie "only" suffered a fractured hip, numerous scrapes, and a couple of bruises, according to the family.

The family, who announced it will no longer foster the pup but keep Sophie as a forever family member, said their beloved stunt dog only needed about two weeks to fully recover from her injuries.

 The family said they wanted to share the video in hopes of raising awareness of pet passenger safety.