Dog hilariously sets off motion detection camera in viral video

Sasha the German Shepherd is winning the hearts of the internet for an adorable video of her, well, just being a dog.

Joe Corsi posted the footage to the Facebook group 'German Shepherd Owners' on July 4.

Corsi said his security camera picked up motion happening around his home. When the camera turned to find what was moving in the area, it got a close-up view of Sasha, staring curiously (and adorably) into the camera!

"When your security camera's pick up motion, you watch the live feed to see what's going on. Then what happens next is...." he captioned the video on Facebook.

The video has since been shared over 56,000 times and leaving viewers with all the feels!

"If I saw this at work, I'd have to rush home to give my girl a HUGE hug!" one commenter wrote.

Sasha has been gaining popularity on her own Instagram page and on Rumble since the video went viral.

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