Dog drives semi into tree, parked car at Kwik Trip in Mankato, Minn.

A passerby made an odd discovery at a Kwik Trip in Mankato, Minn. on Friday afternoon, and took a photo that proved sometimes things are indeed exactly as they seem.

Marie Brace captured a photo of a semi smashed against a downed tree and parked car at the gas pump, a curious white Labrador Retriever peering out the driver's side window, and no one else in the cab.

Mankato police confirmed what Marie suspected, the dog tossed it into gear while the actual driver was in a nearby store. The semi was parked across North River Drive, and when the driver left the car in idle unattended, the dog somehow knocked the shift and sailed across the street into a tree and parked car.

After FOX 9 reported the story on Friday, Cathy Dahl, the woman whose parked car was hit, reached out and said -- "I thought you'd like to see another shot taken by my husband that shows the dog has remorse! It was my car!"

Thankfully, nobody was hurt including the dog. No citations were issued.

"Russ [Cathy's husband] said when they were all standing there, the truck driver went into the truck and rolled up both windows. After he left, the dog rolled them back down. LOL!!" Dahl wrote on Facebook.