District celebrating Pride this weekend

The District celebrates Pride Month this weekend - with the annual Capital Pride Festival featuring events scheduled throughout.

This year's theme is called "Shout! Past, Present and Proud" - and it recognizes what organizers say is their history. It celebrates where the community came from, and where they need to go, while also paying respect to the 50th anniversary of Stonewall.

On Friday, finishing touches were being put in place for one of the most visible and visited weekends in the District.

According to Capital Pride Alliance, while everyone may be familiar with the parade, the mission is so much more.

"This is our time to come together to be united as one community and celebrate one another. We do this for our community. We want everybody to be there this is our time to do that and make that happen," Ashley Smith of Capital Pride Alliance said.

And with as many as 400,000 people expected to visit over the weekend - it also suggests a financial windfall for local businesses.

"For those who are visiting for the first time I want to make sure they have the best experience ever so that they want to come back to DC and bring the family. That's all we're looking for as long as they have our name in their mouth that's good for us," said Alex Campbell of Uproar.

Organizers say more than 300 vendors and exhibitors are expected to participate in and throughout the city.

To learn more about the event, visit CapitalPride.org.