Disabled vet delivers his baby on Atlanta sidewalk

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It was a delivery for the record books.

One pregnant Atlanta woman just couldn't make it to the hospital. In fact, she barely made it out the front door.

Charlie White was having what she thought were back pains. She knew she needed to go to the hospital, but she didn't make it too far before delivering her baby on the sidewalk just a few feet away from her house.

"I laid her down right here," White's fiance Marcus Nash said, pointing to the concrete. "The baby was coming out."

He never imagined that his first child would be delivered quite like this.

Last Tuesday, Nash, a disabled veteran with PTSD, helped White deliver baby Marlee Jane with the help of his two neighbors.

Cardena Williamson and her wife Bri Anderson were inside their home when they heard a lot of commotion outside.

"I had my wife run upstairs and get blankets and towels to keep the baby warm and keep the mommy warm," Williamson said.

On Thanksgiving morning, the unlikely delivery team reunited to celebrate the birth.

"To see her now, she's just a beautiful and gorgeous child, and it's just amazing to see how she got here," Williamson said.

Nash called his neighbors "angels."

"I don't know what I would have done," he said. "I would have been waiting for the ambulance to come with a whole baby in my hand."