Disabled Army veteran's home destroyed by tornado

An Army veteran left confined to a wheelchair after a parachuting accident lost everything when a tornado hit his home Wednesday.

Ezequiel Rodriguez said it happened in an instant.

The tornado that ripped through Port Charlotte went right over his house. He was there with his father when it happened.

"It was like, no time, when we started hearing this big roar," Rodriguez remembered.

His father managed to pull Ezequiel out of his wheel chair.

"I guess it was the adrenaline or something. I weight 308 pounds. I don't know how he did it. He just dragged me into that closet," he said.

They hid, waiting for the tornado to pass.

"Right when we got in, that's when everything started popping and started exploding. We were afraid for our lives," said Rodriguez.

They emerged, lucky to be alive, but shocked by what they saw. The home he shares with his wife, children and father is no longer livable. Ezequiel said he isn't sure where to turn.

"This is a test right now. This is testing me big time," he said. "My family is the one that is giving me the, support and my kids."

Ezequiel and his family lost more than material possessions when the tornado hit. His medical supplies were also ruined.

"I have all my pills that are gone because they got wet. The V.A. is trying to get me tomorrow, to go down to Cape Coral and get all my supplies," he said.

Money he was saving for his own home is now being spent during this emergency.

"We were trying to purchase a home where everything is accessible," he explained.

However, the tragedy hasn't broken Rodriguez. He said as long as his family sticks together, they will get through it.

"We are just trying to do our best. That's all we can do right now," he said.