Desperate search continues for missing 15-year-old girl from West Virginia

The search continues for a missing teen from West Virginia. Fifteen-year-old Riley Crossman disappeared almost one week ago after she was last seen at her home in Berkeley Springs.

Missing flyers are posted on almost every storefront and telephone pole in Berkeley Springs and searches have been carried out every day since Riley's family realized the teen was gone, but so far her disappearance remains a mystery.

"When we didn't find her at the end of that night that's when I knew that something was really really wrong," said Riley's father, Lance Crossman.

Crossman has spent the last seven agonizing days searching some of the most remote, deepest, darkest corners of the woods for his missing daughter.

"I have to believe in my heart shes still okay, she's still alive, which means she's got to be inside somewhere. So obvious cabins, seedy motels…," said Crossman. "Something like this happening in your life takes you down rabbit holes you never thought you would go down… as a father, as a parent…"

Riley was last seen at her Berkeley Springs home last Tuesday evening by her grandmother who was watching her while her mom was working.

"Her mother arrived home from work later that night and she didn't check, but she assumed she was in her bed. She got up in the morning, Riley was not there but again, that's not unusual, she gets up on her own and walks to school because it's across the street," said Crossman.

Hours later, Berkeley Springs High School would notify the family that Riley had never showed up on Wednesday. People who know her say she would never run off on her own.

"As we well know, we are at a time when teenagers are glued to their cell phones and there's been no cell phone activity for Riley since May the 8th, so that is very concerning to us," said Morgan County Sheriff K.C. Bohrer.

Bohrer says they have scoured Riley's social media, interviewed her boyfriend, family members, friends and teachers, but so far they have no leads and no answers.

"Anytime that you investigate a missing person, the longer the time passes, you start to become very concerned that it's going to be a happy conclusion," said Bohrer.

"It's been going on long enough, just let her go and let her come home to everyone safe, and if anyone has the chance, and they see this, if they could please take a minute out, give your kids a hug, hug your parents, and take the time to spread this news to anyone that you know," said Crossman.

Another large scale search is planned for Wednesday morning at 9 a.m. In the meantime, if you have any information, you are urged to contact the Morgan County Sheriff's Department.