DC's Buttercream Bakeshop to shut down amid rising costs and crime concerns

Another D.C. business has announced plans to close its doors, citing costs and crime trends.

After nearly eight years at its 9th Street NW location, Buttercream Bakeshop announced Friday that it will close at the end of the year. 

The announcement was first shared on the company's social media pages after the business owner said she carefully considered the decision. 

"Of course, it’s complicated, but the short version is a list of three reasons. You may have seen other small businesses mention similar challenges alongside their closure announcements," she wrote. "The ongoing staffing shortages, the rising costs of goods, and serious increase in crime throughout D.C. have only gotten worse since the pandemic began." 

The owner went on to say her overall operating costs have risen by about 29%, but the shop’s prices only rose about 10% because "frankly, I’m not comfortable charging more."

DC's Buttercream Bakeshop to shut down amid rising costs and crime concerns

"The constant stress of it all has taken much of the joy out of operating a small business," she went on to say. 

Modern Liquor, which is located near the bakeshop, has been in the neighborhood since 1968. Current owner Mukesh Dilawri and his family bought the business in 2010, and he said the area has changed for the better in some ways, but crime is a risk he has to take as a small business owner.

"We have a bullet[proof] glass here. When we changed it, we removed it, and now it’s open," he said. "Still, we found sometimes…some robberies, we think, is part of the modern liquor business."


Brine Oyster & Seafood House bows out of DC dining scene due to crime and costs

Two business owners have announced their decision to close their restaurants at two D.C. locations, citing both costs and concerns over crime.

On Thursday, FOX 5 interviewed a co-owner of Brine Oyster & Seafood House, which will serve its final customers at both Dupont Circle and H Street locations on Saturday. According to co-owner Aaron McGovern, the decision to close the Dupont location was primarily financial, but crime was a big factor in the H Street location.

DC's Buttercream Bakeshop to shut down amid rising costs and crime concerns

"The U.S. Senator Rand Paul’s associate was stabbed a half block down," McGovern said Thursday. "This is just one block of H Street. It’s all over H Street. What customer wants to come over and hang out on this side of town, when they have this going on?" 

According to Shawn Townsend, CEO of the Restaurant Association Metropolitan Washington, inflation and rent costs have been commonly brought forth by small business owners as the biggest challenges. Crime is also a lingering concern, Townsend said. 

Statistics that the association compiled show that 46 restaurants in the District have closed since January.

Read Buttercream Bakeshop's announcement below: