DC weather: 4th rainy weekend in a row ahead for DMV

Grab an umbrella – rain is in the forecast for this Saturday and Sunday. Sound familiar?

If it seems like it has rained almost every weekend so far this year – it’s because it has!

FOX 5’s Tucker Barnes says it has rained during 15 of the 19 weekends so far in 2024. 

In May, it’s rained 11 out of 16 total days - and we’ve seen precipitation every weekend this month up to this point. 

It’s rained so much, in fact, that Tucker says we’re three inches above the normal rainfall totals expected for this time of year.

The reason for all the wet weather? A deep trough across the eastern third of the country has resulted in the rainy and cool pattern that we’ve seen so far during the first few weeks of May.

And this weekend will feature – you guessed it – more of the same. 

After a mostly dry Friday, we’ll likely wake up to rain showers Saturday morning. "I don't want to call it a washout," Tucker said about Saturday. "It’s not going to rain all day tomorrow. But it’s going to remain gloomy and drippy – and if you’re not getting rain, you’re getting drizzle tomorrow. So, it won’t be a great looking Saturday."

Sunday trends drier with a chance of showers coming during the first half of the day. "Not that it’s going to be a beautiful day. But maybe we can salvage a little late-day sunshine on Sunday," Tucker said. "But most importantly, if it’s not raining, at least we can get a dry weekend day. And then, of course, it gets beautiful as soon as we get back to work and school next week!"

DC weather: 4th rainy weekend in a row ahead for DMV