DC to install 342 new automated traffic enforcement cameras: Bowser

D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser said 342 new automated traffic enforcement cameras will be placed in the District in the upcoming fiscal year.

"In the last two years the Council has approved 342 new cameras related to vision zero initiatives," Bowser said during the Fiscal Year 2024 Budget Proposal meeting Wednesday. She said currently there are approximately 140 cameras in place.

She said the new cameras that have been approved will start to be placed in the upcoming year.

"This is what I believe. We don't really – really – want to collect a dollar from those cameras" she said. "We want people to stop at red lights, stay out of bus lanes, don't run stop signs, and stop driving recklessly in our city. That's what we want."

Bowser says the District has seen success with traffic enforcement cameras over the years and said cameras are extremely effective in controlling traffic-related incidents. The total proposed budget is listed at $19.7 billion. D.C.'s fiscal year begins October 1 and ends September 30.

According to the Office of the Mayor

Transportation Safety and Mobility | New investments in FY 2024

  • Maintain the $7.4M to install 342 new automated traffic cameras and add $13.3M to support DMV's increased ticket processing and adjudication responsibilities
  • $258M to redesign dangerous roadways and improve traffic safety
  • $19M a year to deploy temporary and permanent traffic calming measures, including $3.6M a year for improvements around schools and $5M to create a TSI 2.0 program, geared towards a more equitable TSI approach

Here is a searchable list of every automated traffic enforcement camera in Washington, D.C. (Original Source)