DC Sniper podcast explores killings that terrorized the region

The D.C. Sniper murders case has been haunting the DMV for nearly two decades – and after Virginia legislation regarding parole for juvenile offenders brought Lee Boyd Malvo’s sentence passed Monday, those deadly days of October 2002 are back in the spotlight.

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Baltimore journalist Tony Harris was on the air when the DC Sniper killings terrorized the region.

He feels like Malvo’s case creates a contemporary peg for a sensational story that resonates beyond the D.C. region.

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Malvo was a 15-year-old from Jamaica who had been sent to live in Antigua when he met John Allen Muhammad and latched onto him as a father figure.

Muhammad trained and indoctrinated Malvo, and in 2002 the pair embarked on a nationwide killing spree that concluded with a three-week rampage in Maryland, Virginia and the District of Columbia that left 10 people dead and three wounded.

The Associated Press contributed to this report