DC Regulatory Commission deals largest penalty ever against Club Heaven and Hell

A D.C. bar that served a customer a chemical nicknamed “Yellow Death” in one of its cocktails is facing the largest penalty the District Regulatory Commission has handed out.

The commission recently served the club in the Adams Morgan neighborhood with a 90-day liquor license suspension, and a $90,000 fine.

The man who was served the caustic drink, along with the bar owner, spoke with FOX 5 exclusively following the incident.

Leon Williams was hospitalized with chemical burns to his throat after ordering a Long Island Iced Tea – and receiving a drink mixed with Foam Bright condenser coil cleaner.

Club Heaven and Hell owner Mehari Woldemarian acknowledged that he poured the fluid in Williams’ drink. And he says, it was a mistake.

"God as my witness, we have another person up here. It was a mistake - why should I have somebody poisoned? The customer comes to pay me and I've been in this business for the longest time in Adams Morgan,” he said.

The incident was one in a series of security problems and code violations at the establishment named in the control board’s decision.