DC private eye profits off Ashley Madison hack

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A D.C. private investigation firm says business is better than ever thanks to the Ashley Madison hack. The online intrusion exposed millions of accounts on the site that helps people arrange extramarital affairs. Now, some people whose email addresses turned up online are hiring private investigators to dig up the dirt.

"There were people coming to us saying, 'Hey, I found my email address or I found my husband's. I just want to know if this is legit,'" said Danny Boice, owner of Georgetown-based Trustify.

"How busy are you with this?" asked FOX 5's Tom Fitzgerald.

"We've been incredibly busy. We've just been completely inundated," Boice replied.

Trustify created a search engine on the leaked data, and to drum up more customers, they sent out emails to some people telling them, "your details were exposed" and "this could ruin your life." Boice says they have stopped sending those emails, but they are still offering protection to concerned customers.

"How can you promise them protection?" Fitzgerald asked.

"Trustify prides ourselves in being experts in finding the truth." said Boice.

While some people say the service seems predatory, Boice says he is filling a need in an online world where everything can be exposed.

"The best protection is to be prepared, so to know exactly what is out there," Boice said.