DC police say Northwest sexual assault suspect attacked a 2nd victim

D.C. police say a man suspected of sexually assaulting a woman in Northwest early Tuesday morning has attacked a second victim in the same neighborhood.

Both sexual assaults were in homes in the 1600 block of Irving Street Northwest - and they were just 48 hours apart.

In the first instance, the suspect allegedly removed an air conditioning unit in order to get inside the home.

During the same break-in, he was also caught on camera fleeing the home on the victim's bicycle.

He also robbed at least one other person during the first instance.

Police believe the suspect is a man in his 50s.

D.C. Police Chief Pete Newsham described the suspect as a black male who stands about 5-foot-10 to 6 feet tall,

He appeared to have a medium to heavy build, light brown eyes. In addition, he had a gray or black beard.

During the incidents, he was reportedly wearing a dark, hooded shirt, gray sweat pants, and at least one latex glove.