DC police reviewing officer's actions after police report failed to be filed on attempted break-in

A viewer contacted FOX 5 nearly two weeks ago after a man tried to break into her home in the District. The homeowner was frustrated because she said police were not vigorously investigating her case.

Jean Darlington, a mother of two who is also caring for her blind mother, lived in fear after someone tried to break into her Southeast D.C. home. Darlington's sons called police and two D.C. officers came out to her home on Dec. 8 for a call for service.

But six days after the reported break-in, no detective or officer followed up with Darlington or even attempted to recover the surveillance video of the alleged suspect that was captured by Darlington's security cameras outside her home, which clearly shows the man attempting to get in through her basement.

When Darlington contacted police, she was unable to get any help and she claimed that they even questioned whether her sons had even called 911 for help. But Darlington's cameras also clearly shows two uniformed officers showing up at her home that day.

She grew frustrated and ultimately called FOX 5.

After she contacted us, we stopped by the police station looking for the mystery police report, but the officer told us the report was not showing up in their system.

But exactly an hour and 43 minutes after FOX 5 first alerted D.C. police about Darlington's case, the police report finally appeared. If you look closely at the top left of the report, the date shows it was filed six days after the crime was initially reported.

After days of asking officials why this happened and if this could be happening in other situations, FOX 5 finally received a reply from D.C. police. In a statement, police said:

"Following the call for service, a report was not taken. Once this was brought to our attention, an officer responded to the location and a report was subsequently taken for the offense. This case remains under investigation. Furthermore, the initial responding officer's actions are currently under review."

In the meantime, it has been a total of 12 days since the attempted break-in at Darlington's house and there has been no arrest in the case.