DC police looking for ‘dancing porch pirate'

Holiday season porch pirates are generally known to grab the loot and go - but one package thief recently caught on camera showed off his dance moves before grabbing the goods.

Surveillance video captured a man parking his Range Rover outside a house on T Street and, as if coming for a visit, opened the gate and walked up onto the porch at about 1 p.m. on Sunday.

The video shows him looking around a little bit, and then beginning to dance.

With a scarf around his neck and his hood up, the man did some deep knee bends, a bit of a shimmy and shake, and showed off a few more moves before looking around a little bit more before leaning on the rail and reaching down for three packages on the stoop.

The ruse lasted about a minute and 15 seconds before the suspect walks down the steps and out the gate - tossing the packages into his SUV's open window and then driving away.

The homeowner - who declined to go on camera - said one of the packages contained a self-help book, which she thought the man might put to use.

A few blocks away, in Glover Park, another homeowner posted a video on the Neighbor's app of a porch pirate stealing several packages and then casually walking to a Range Rover SUV - a vehicle that looks suspiciously similar to the one used in Sunday's theft on T Street.

A neighbor posted what appears to be the same package thief dressed in an identical jacket and sweater making off with a package in a bag.

Neighbors who talked to FOX 5 said they are aware of similar thefts in the area that were not caught on camera.