DC named one of nation's most promiscuous cities AND one of best places to get married

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DC has been named one of the top ten promiscuous cities in the nation. 61% of men claim to have seven or more sexual partners a year.

But at the same time, DC is also among the best places to stay married.

We wanted to know what the connection is, if any. Allison Silver, co-owner of The One consulting, discussed it with our anchors on Good Day DC.

"When you go to get married, you've had all these experiences so you're really looking for the one to fall in love with," Silver said.

Part of the study had to do with wealthy men being the most promiscuous ones. Silver said that it's easy for them to live a high-roller lifestyle in the city. However, the extra income allows them not to stress about money and promotes a happier lifestyle, which leads to longer marriages.