DC Mayor Muriel Bowser running for re-election; Vincent Gray undecided

D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser said she is ready to lead the city for four more years as she officially made the announcement Friday in a campaign ad for her re-election.

Bowser announced her plans on social media by listing off several ways the city is doing well while saying there are better days ahead.

"We have been able to do the things we promised we would do - deliver a fresh start to the city," Bowser said. "We see more confidence in the work that we are doing from the people of the District of Columbia. Our city is doing incredibly well and we really have a plan to deal with the challenges that we still face."

But the question many are asking - could we see a rematch from the last mayoral primary election? Bowser defeated former mayor Vincent Gray in 2014.

"This will be my sixth election, my sixth campaign and I have been challenged in every one of them," said Bowser. "So I start out every campaign putting together a great team and a great plan in an all-8 ward strategy and we will be prepared for anybody who decides to run."

Gray said he believes he lost to Bowser due of allegations of wrongdoing during his 2010 campaign. The U.S. Attorney's Office declined to file charges after a nearly five-year investigation and dropped the case.

Gray, who currently represents Ward 7 on the city council, said he has not decided yet if he plans to run.