DC Delegate says President Trump should be charged after ‘insurrection’ at US Capitol

Delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton, the capital's representative in Congress, says responsibility for the chaos and destruction on Capitol Hill begins with President Trump and says he should be charged for his actions.

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In an interview Thursday with FOX 5, Norton said the storming of the U.S. Capitol was different from anything we’ve ever seen in our county. "We’ve seen riots but we’ve never seen an insurrection. An insurrection occurs from within. I must tell you, unless we hold those responsible we will incur the wrath of history."

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"In my judgement, who starts at the top of the list of responsibility is the president," she said. "The prosecutions should not stop with those who we caught on camera inflicting damage. They should start at the top. When the president is no longer presidents he should be charged with aiding and abiding this insurrection."

Norton blasted the U.S. Capitol Police for their inability to keep control over the situation. "The Capitol Police not only didn’t do their job they were not well coordinated with the D.C. National Guard who had been called out, the FBI had been called out, the Secret Service had been called out."

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"These people were all over the map. Because they we all over the map the rioters had their way in the Capitol. Tore it apart with nobody exercising any control over them," she added. "I want to know where was the central command of these forces? I live on Capitol Hill – nine blocks from the Capitol. I understand that some who live even closer to the Capitol were evacuated from their homes. I heard the sirens going. And yet without coordination these rioters have their way."

"There needs to be a presidential commission. A commission established by – of course – our incoming president. Just like we had a commission after 9/11."