DC cracking down against stores selling dangerous synthetic drugs

D.C. is trying to crack down on drugs that are geared toward kids. D.C.'s attorney general says drugs with names like "Scooby "Snax" and "Bizarro" are deadly and are being sold at convenience stores in the district.

The Petworth neighborhood is a real up-and-coming area, but residents say there are some businesses that need to be rooted out. These stores are selling illegal synthetic drugs that are clearly meant to entice children.

The packaging is colorful with favorite cartoon characters like Scooby-Doo on the bag. At first glance, this may look like candy, but inside is a dangerous and deadly synthetic drug.

"They're actual chemical compounds and they are mixed in something typically like spice or a grass," said Michael Aniton, prosecutor with the Office of the Attorney General. "They can lead to psychosis, seizures, aggressive behavior and sometimes use of these chemicals even results in death."

D.C.'s Office of the Attorney General spoke to residents about these dangerous synthetic drugs at a neighborhood advisory meeting Wednesday night.

They say these synthetic drugs are being sold at some corner markets and neighbors are tired of what comes along with it.

"It's had an assault on a police officer outside," said ANC 4C Commissioner John-Paul Hayworth. "It's just been a bad actor and I've personally been in and asked them to stop selling the stuff and they just ignore me."

The D.C. attorney general's office filed a complaint against Amanuel Market after police found more than a thousand packets of Scooby Snax and Bizarro inside the business.

They also have warnings out to two other corner markets in the neighborhood as well.

"We contact the property owner, we make an effort to work with them to eliminate this issue," said Aniton. "If they don't do work with us, if they do not do the things that we are asking them to do in order to eliminate this problem, then we do file a complaint in superior court."

The attorney general says they are meeting with one of the property owners Thursday to try and get rid of the tenants they say are selling the illegal drugs.