DC Councilmember Trayon White makes plea to end violence

D.C. Councilmember Trayon White held a press conference on Friday pleading for an end to the violence in his ward.

White made his remarks to address the violence that has been happening in Ward 8. He even called it a state of emergency.

His speech came just several hours after police responded to a fatal shooting in Southeast D.C. According to a police commander, a young man was shot along Hunter Place on Friday. Police believe the crime was isolated and not related to any other recent violence nearby.

Councilmember White said this is an example of the crime that happens way too often in Ward 8. At his news conference, he announced what he is calling a "Red Ribbon ceasefire."

"We are going to fight and fight. We are not giving these young men and young ladies who use automatic weapons in our communities a pass," said White. "I know them now. Our seniors need to be cared after. Our babies need to be able to go to school - to and from safely."

The Ward 8 council member said his entire plan will be released in a 42-page report. Part of his Red Ribbon plan calls for partnerships between schools, businesses, faith-based organizations and the District of Columbia.