DC Council votes in favor of ‘Death With Dignity' bill

Dying with dignity - it's a controversial issue that has been debated across the country. On Wednesday a D.C. council committee voted in favor of a bill that would make it legal to end your life if you have a terminal disease.

The council hearing room was packed for the decision on Wednesday - many wore t-shirts depending on which side they were on. Before the hearing FOX 5's Matt Ackland spoke to Mary Klein who wrote a post in the Washington City Paper titled "Let Me Die My Way." She has terminal ovarian cancer and told FOX 5 why she wants the choice to die with dignity when the time comes.

On the other side of this issue - many worry that this law could be used to coerce people into suicide because they're elderly or even some think because financial reasons.

By the way - Mary Klein wants everyone to know she's fighting to live. She has had major surgery and has been on strong chemotherapy for two years. But she says when her body tells her death is near she'd like to have a say in how she dies.

Watch Klein's entire interview here: