DC burglary suspect caught on camera taking items from home

Police in D.C. are asking for help from the public in finding a man who broke into a Northeast home and was caught on camera.

The homeowner has been targeted before, so she set up hidden camera inside the home.

The video was recorded just before 10:30 p.m. Tuesday. The suspect breaks into the home through a window, knocking over a table and several other pieces of furniture. He loads items out the same window, presumably to someone standing outside. According to the police report, a brand new Vizio television was among the loot.

One neighbor, whose identity we are protecting, said the woman who lives at the home is recently widowed. She fell ill and has been staying with relatives.

"It makes me mad because it doesn't make sense -- people go in your house, take stuff that you worked for and you earned," the neighbor said. "They didn't earn it and then they are going to take it out somewhere and sell it to somebody -- your stuff, your personal stuff. It's like an invasion of your privacy and it's just wrong."

"Whoever is trying to do it most likely is somebody who has been watching the house for a while," said Anthony Lorenzo Green. "My grandmother lives on a very busy street, so we always have foot traffic coming up and down."

Green, a Ward 8 ANC commissioner, grew up in this neighborhood along 49th Street.

"It's sad to hear about something happening to these folks, these hardworking folks who have been living in this city for a long time, who are in their retirement years, just want to age in place, live their life," he said.

As you look at the video, police want you to make note of the suspect's size and how he moves. Detectives also froze some of the images for a clearer picture. You can tell he has facial hair.

Neighbors said this is the second time this victim has been burglarized. They are hoping the surveillance footage leads to an arrest.

"If anyone sees the video, one way that we can stop the crime and the violence and things like this from happening is by speaking up and saying who that person is and turning them in," said Green.

If you recognize that suspect or have any information about the burglary, D.C. police would like for you to contact them at 202-727-9099.

There is a $1,000 reward available in this case.