DC baker says Miley Cyrus ripped off her cake design

A D.C.-based baker says Miley Cyrus ripped off the design of one of her cakes. She is asking for some kind of compensation after the pop star failed to recognize her work.

Cyrus stated on her Instagram that a picture she shared was apart of a collaboration with Planned Parenthood and Marc Jacobs, but when Becca Rea-Holloway saw the post she took to the social media platform to call Cyrus out saying the post was a "direct theft of my own original artwork from 2018, with no credit…cake art is for everyone but this is inexcusable."

The pop star responded quickly by claiming she didn't know the work belonged to Holloway, vowing to simply tag her in the post but Holloway says she wants more than that.

FOX 5 spoke to people about the controversy and it seems to be drawing a lot of opinions.

"Protect your designs. If you want to come claiming money from people, everything you do, protect it," said Janet Fofang.

"I think Miley Cyrus should definitely give credit to that baker and that would have been the more appropriate thing to do," said Brittany Burnam.

"She should make a goodwill gesture to this woman. I think she should maybe talk to her and maybe they can come to an agreement. Just show some kindness, have a discussion and talk it out," said Nicole Poell.

Cyrus did tag Holloway in the post. Whether that's good enough or not, that's a whole different conversation.