DC ranks 11th for worst inflation, study says

D.C. was ranked eleventh out of 23 American cities experiencing the worst inflation in a study from WalletHub. 

DC, ranked broadly alongside Arlington and Alexandria, saw a 3.10% consumer price index change (from the latest month versus one year ago.)

Consumer price index is used to measure inflation and is the average change in prices paid by consumers during a set period of time. 

Tampa, St. Petersburg and Clearwater, Florida are ranked as having the worst inflation in the United States, with a 7.30% consumer price index change. 

Last year, inflation hit a 40-year-high due to factors like the war in Ukraine and labor shortages. 

Recently, inflation has begun to slow due to the Federal Reserve’s increase in interest rates. For example, last year, Baltimore, Columbia, and Towsen were ranked fifth highest, whereas this year they have dropped to 20th.