Damascus High School assaults, including sexual offenses, under investigation, police say

Montgomery County police say they are investigating a reported incident of multiple alleged assaults, some that may be sexual in nature, at Damascus High School.

According to the school district, the incident involved the junior varsity football team, which forfeited a game this week after the allegations came to light.

Police say the incident reportedly occurred on Wednesday. Investigators are trying to determine whether the incident is criminal in nature.

Details about the reported incident have not been released at this time by authorities.

However, according to multiple current and former Damascus students, the incident involved a broom and happened in the locker room. They told FOX 5 that there has been a ritual of light hazing within the football program for years. However, they were also careful to point out that the hazing has never gone this far before.

A copy of an email sent to parents from the school's principal that FOX 5 was able to obtain stated "the alleged behavior is upsetting and unacceptable and will not be tolerated at Damascus High School."

Damascus' varsity football team recently set an all-time Maryland state record when they pushed their winning streak to 51 games.