Dad gives baby girl a spa pedicure in adorable viral video: 'It's our little bonding time'

This hardworking dad has made it a weekly ritual to treat his little princess to at home spa pedicures as a way to spend time together.

Jimmy Howell, 30, is a New York City firefighter and due to the nature of his work, he is often away from home. When he is finally able to catch a break, he spends time with his precious 9-month-old baby girl.

Howell says he and Kensley are super close and ‘she loves how silly’ he is. He decided to start weekly spa pedicures in order to have a little daddy-daughter time.

Kensley is a very happy baby and her spunky personality can be very entertaining, so one particular day Howell decided to record their spa session.

In the video, a happy Kensley is seen giggling as her father kisses her tiny feet before he begins to pamper her. Mid-session she begins to get a little fussy and dad reminds her that the pedicure is free and she shouldn't be complaining. 

Howell upload the adorable footage to Instagram with the caption:

“Weekly spa talks with my baby girl, she got a little crazy with me today due to the fact that I was filing her nails a little too rough, y’all see why I can’t do anything for free, I’m charging her next week, just watch.”

The video quickly blew up on social media and has over 11,000 views. Howell says he has been flood with countless sweet messages.  

He told FOX 5 he is really enjoying the positive feedback and Kensley seems to be enjoying herself on video.