'Dad Bod' calendar helps man with inoperable brain tumor pay medical bills

When Jeremy Hensley (pictured far right in the red shorts) was recently diagnosed with an inoperable tumor on his brain stem, friends and family rallied to help.

Described as a humble man, Hensley, of Tavares, Florida, wanted to seek out a creative way to help pay for his medical bills while also offering a little something to his supporters. That's when some of Hensley's friends got together to design a "Dad Bod" calendar, where they showed off their sexy beer bellies.

Kaley Novicki (with Novastella Imagery LLC), set up a photo shoot at her parents house on Saturday. "We got enough photos for February, March, April, May, July, September, October, November & December. But we weren't stopping there," Novicki wrote in a community post for BuzzFeed.com. "We went on to create a group on Facebook. 'Dad-Bod Calendar Clique' was born. Our group was just for the people who showed up to the photo shoot, people who were interested in purchasing a calendar, and people who wanted to participate in the calendar in general."

But that Facebook group has grown by the thousands in the last few days. "This is turning out to be bigger than we ever imagined. Not only that, but Jeremy's story is being spread, and he's receiving more support than he ever dreamt of," Novicki said.

The presale price for a calendar is $20. For more information, you can email NovastellaImagery@gmail.com. Click here to see the Dad-Bod Calendar Clique Facebook group page.