Dacula pastor donates kidney

A calling from God led the Dacula pastor to donate his kidney to his church member.

Hebron Baptist Church Pastor Kevin Miller said he didn't know Chance Edwards well, but he knew God was telling him to get tested.

Looking at the two now, their friendship is unbreakable.

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"It's great to have friends and of course it's hard to earn friends when you have to give them a kidney to be their friend, said a laughing Pastor Miller.

Edwards story started years ago, when his father needed a kidney transplant, then his brother.

He knew one day he would too, but at that time he thought he'd be getting his wife's kidney- she was a match.

But right before the transplant, doctors realized Amy had kidney stones and couldn't donate.

"It was really devastating," said Edwards. "That was our plan was for her to give me a kidney. And all of a sudden God's got another plan. He basically changed that and we had to rely on him to provide for us."

Pastor Miller knew the Edwards attended his church.

When he heard what was going on and that Edwards needed a kidney, he decided to get tested, starting with a blood test.

"It was the right type," said Pastor Miller. "The next step was to have a cross match done, so when I had the cross match done and learned it was a match, at that point I really felt like God was saying I want you to do this."

He and his wife, Darla kept the testing under wraps, until they knew for sure. On December 29 they went to the Edwards home to tell them the news. Edwards says he was shocked.

"He basically just spilled it out. He said we've been doing more testing over the last six months than he has in his whole life. And if you want a kidney, we're a match," said Edwards about how he found out.

On January 22, doctors performed the transplant.

"I love chocolate, and now Chance loves chocolate so I'm sure it came with the kidney. I don't feel real different," said Pastor Miller.

For Edwards, he said he does feel different noting his new kidney sticks out by his belt line.

He feels this has changed his life in so many ways.

"I just feel like there's a bigger plan for my life to where I was prior to the transplant. And God is slowly but surely revealing that plan to me and I'm looking forward to it," said Edwards as he fought back tears.

Edwards said it's hard knowing people wait years to get a kidney and he got his in six months, but he hopes by sharing his story, it will inspire others to consider donating.

Photos by: Amy Edwards

Story by: Christy Hutchings FOX 5/WAGA and News Radio 106.7