CVS locks up cold drinks in downtown Silver Spring to prevent theft

Shoppers looking to grab a cold drink at a CVS in downtown Silver Spring might find it more challenging than expected. 

The store has started locking up refrigerated beverages to prevent ongoing theft.

The CVS location, which sees a significant amount of foot traffic, is also experiencing an increase in theft, similar to other stores in the area. While it’s not uncommon to see items like diapers, deodorant, and detergent secured, the latest addition to the list includes cold drinks such as water, soda, juice, energy drinks, and milk. 

Customers now have to press a button on the fridge for customer service to unlock it.

In a statement to FOX5, CVS explained the reasoning behind this move. 

"It’s important that we keep products in stock and available for our customers to purchase. Different products experience different theft rates, depending on store location and other factors, and our product protection decisions are data-driven," the statement read.

Several customers expressed their frustration with the new policy. 

Damon Littleton said, "It’s inconvenient especially if you want to get it and go and one person in the front. And sometimes you got to ask the pharmacy and they can’t leave their department. It’s inconvenient for regular people, especially during rush hour, you want to get home. The sodas were the last straw for me pretty much."

Another customer, Alex Zavala, shared similar sentiments. 

"It just takes time away from when you’re on a break or something. I’m trying to come in and out. At this point, I don’t know what else they’re going to lock up, you’re constantly calling someone and it’s just a lot," Zavala said.

Some customers suggested increasing security to prevent theft. CVS responded, saying they utilize different measures to deter or prevent crime, with locking up products being a last resort.