Culpeper Co. parents protest students' year-long suspension

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A group of Culpeper County parents protested on Wednesday after their children received yearlong suspensions that they claim are excessive and unfair.

A dozen Culpeper County High School student-athletes were given the 364-day suspensions for alleged locker room misconduct that the school system has classified as sexual assault, parents say.

Parents of the students say that the locker room rough housing is not sexual assault.

"They took rough housing to a level it didn't need to go," said one parent, who wished to stay anonymous.

The Culpeper Sheriff's office says that no charges have been filed and a criminal case was never opened, which is precisely why parents and students are protesting. They say the punishment does not fit the crime.

Other than the disagreement over what actually happened, parents also have a problem with the fact that all of the students are being lumped together. They find it unfair since the incident happened over the course of months.

Many parents of the suspended students have hired lawyers. They are currently in the process of appealing these suspensions.

FOX 5 reached out to Culpeper County Public School District but they declined to make any comment.