Culinary trailblazer Daniella Senior finds success in immigrant story

Daniella Senior Alvarez is living her wildest dreams while honoring her family’s story, culture, and traditions.

Senior started the Colada Shop in Washington, D.C. in 2016. 

The Cuban café and coffee shop concept has since expanded to six locations across the DMV with a seventh one slated to open this summer at National Landing.

Growing up in the Dominican Republic, Senior always had a passion for cooking. She learned Cuban cuisine from her family, namely her grandmother. And at 13, the budding chef really made waves in her community. 

She had so many orders for her food that she ended up hiring employees for her self-made catering business. 

That hard work paid off because, after high school, she moved to the States where she earned a bachelor’s degree in hospitality management from the Culinary Institute of America in New York. 

That decision kicked off a stellar culinary career and multiple business ventures.

In this week’s "Motivation with Marissa," Senior talks about her story and all of its ups and downs.  She also discusses being a married mother to a young son and how her personal life shapes the work she does at her businesses and in the community. 

Senior also delves into her commitment to helping other women and people of color find opportunities and resources in the culinary field. 

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