Crowd kicks Minneapolis mayor out of rally for not backing defunding the police department

Mayor Frey leaves the rally after speaking.

The Minneapolis mayor faced backlash after saying he won't defund the city's police department.

Frey joined a rally in Minneapolis led by a group calling for the Minneapolis Police Department to be defunded after protesters, who were outside the mayor's residence, called for him to speak with the group.

In a statement to FOX 9, the mayor said he supports significant change within the department following George Floyd's death but didn't support shutting down the department entirely.

When he relayed that message to the crowd, he faced boos.

In a video posted by CTUL, a Twin Cities workers advocacy group taking part in the rally, Frey is seen walking from the protest as the group chants: "Go home Jacob, go home."

Members of the Minneapolis City Council have also called for the police department to be "dismantled" and rebuilt without a clear vision for the future of public safety in Minneapolis. That vision could come Sunday afternoon as some councilmembers will hold a meeting with two groups that support community policing.

Mayor Frey spoke with FOX 9 Sunday morning, addressing plans for the MPD and more.