Criminals target firefighters for fifth day

They risk their lives to save yours, and now criminals are targeting real life heroes. Crooks are hitting fire stations across metro Atlanta. They're breaking into the personal cars of firefighters parked right outside the station.

Fire Station One in Forest Park was the most recent station to get hit. Surveillance cameras caught a man wearing a mask and gloves, going from car to car in the lot where firefighters park their personal vehicles.

"It is discouraging when firefighters are here trying to do good and to have their personal belongings stolen," said Deputy Chief Matt Jackson.

The windows of three cars were smashed and a number of items taken, including two guns. Deputy Chief Jackson said it appears the thief got exactly what he was after.

"One of the vehicles that had a pistol stolen had a bank envelope with some cash and they didn't touch the cash, they just took the pistol," said Chief Jackson.

Guns were also stolen in several of the break-ins at the other stations. In the past five days, the crimes have occurred at Atlanta Fire Station 10 on Boulevard, Station 18 in Kirkwood and 19 in Virginia Highland. DeKalb Station 8 was hit in the early morning hours of Tuesday. Agencies are now working together to determine if all the crimes are related.