Crews across the DMV brace for snow

Crews across the DMV are preparing for the first significant snowfall of 2019.

Officials told FOX 5 that trucks are fueled and ready - thousands across Maryland, Virginia, and the District.

"And that is a combination of heavy plows and light plows, so the heavy plows will operate on the large streets and the lighter plows on the smaller streets," said Director of the District Department of Transportation Jeff Marootian.

Area agencies begin preparing for the snow long before it starts falling.

"We have pretreated interstate 95. Ramps, bridges, overpasses, a lot of our main, primary roads with a salt brine solution," said Kelly Hannon of the Virginia Department of Transportation.

"Our crews were out last night beginning the pretreatment of roadways and that work will continue through the weekend and as snow begins to fall, we will work to remove it," Marootian said.

In D.C., crews will be out as soon as it begins to accumulate.

In Virginia - where they're expecting higher totals - crews will wait until there are two inches before they set out to plow the roads.

And despite the partial government shutdown, the National Park Service has committed to keeping the roads clear.

A common message across the DMV is, if you're not in the healthcare field or another emergency service, don't drive.

Click on the links below to see where snowplows are working this weekend.

- Maryland

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