CPS investigator believed 4-year-old Grand Prairie girl was sexually abused

A CPS special investigator recommended a 4-year-old girl later found dead should be checked for signs of sexual abuse, a source told FOX4. But weeks after the recommendation, case workers were still trying to make contact with the girl.

Leiliana Wright, 4, had no way to protect herself against the violent beating that began when she drank some of her little brother's juice. According to police records, she was tied in a closet and ultimately died after being thrown against a wall. Police say the beating happened at the hands of her mother and mother's boyfriend who were high on heroin.

New information uncovered by FOX4 indicates there was a bright red flag of abuse in the case about one month before Leiliana was killed.

A source told FOX4 a special investigator was assigned to look into suspected sexual abuse by another boyfriend of the mother. While the investigator did not recommend immediate removal, he made a referral to the CPS caseworker to have Leiliana evaluated at a clinic that performs sexual assault exams.

That recommendation happened on Feb. 11. But for reasons that are not yet clear, CPS was still trying to get in touch with the family weeks later from March 2 - March 7. Leiliana was killed March 13.

"A report will be done on the case, it will be released publically when it's complete," said CPS spokeswoman Marissa Gonzales.

The documentation on Leiliana's abuse dates back at least a year and a half.

Photographs that showed Leiliana with a bruised eye, busted lip and scratch to her cheek back were taken in Nov. 2014. Eventually the girl opened up to her grandmother and said her mother beat her because she was taking a long shower.

"She said momma reached in and hit me across the face," said grandmother Alisa Clakley.

But in the end, CPS determined that the girl was safe and was left her in her mother's care.

CPS has fired a case worker and supervisor due to the case. The attorney for the special investigator who resigned said he had no comment.