Counselor slams photo editing, fashion industry in viral Facebook post

A Kansas woman's Facebook post in which she urges young girls to reject societal expectations clothing sizes has gone viral, garnering nearly 60,000 reactions on the social media site in less than three weeks.

In the Dec. 11 post, Deena Shoemaker, a counselor based in Wichita, describes how she has repeatedly seen young girls question their worth relative to their weight.

"I've worked with teen & pre-teen girls as a leader and counselor in various places for the last 6 years," Shoemaker wrote in the post, which had been commented on more than 4,400 times as of Thursday morning. "I've listened to countless girls tell me about their new diets and weight loss fads. I've have girls sob in my arms and ask me, 'If I were skinnier, would he have stayed?' I've counseled girls who were skipping meals. I've caught some throwing up everything they've just eaten."

In addition to slamming the practice of photo manipulation with Photoshop, Shoemaker wrote that she takes particular issue with the fashion industry, which she said designates pant sizes arbitrarily based on its personal taste at any given time. In the post, Shoemaker features a collage of six photos of herself at the same weight wearing size 5, 6, 8 and 12 pants.

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