Controversial sign spotted in Langley High School library

Fairfax County Public Schools says a controversial sign has been taken down.

The school district is responding to a sign seen in a school library at a parents’ night event for eighth-graders headed to Langley High School next year. 

"Some stuff adults don’t want you to read," was reportedly printed onto the sign – referencing a nearby stack of books on gender and race. 

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FOX 5’s Tisha Lewis reports a picture of the controversial message to students was posted on Twitter by a concerned parent.

FCPS mother of five Carrie Lukas says it’s yet another sign of what some parents are describing as the school district placing a wedge between children and parents. Lukas is one of three parents suing FCPS over its mask mandate.

She says many parents who contacted her about this controversial library sign are terrified to speak publicly fearing retaliation.


A spokesperson for FCPS says in part, "FCPS principals encourage students or parents with any school concerns to contact them directly to allow for an open dialogue and an opportunity to find a resolution."