Consumer experts don’t expect a big rush this Black Friday

Black Friday is known for its major sales and big crowds. But even with retailers offering deep discounts, consumer experts say they aren’t quite expecting a big rush at stores.

FOX 5’s Ayesha Khan took a trip to Tanger Outlets in Oxon Hill and watched as there has only been a steady stream of people. Khan says the lines are "nothing like we’ve seen in the past years."

According to experts, the reason why retailers might not be seeing such a big rush this year is that shoppers are holding out for the biggest and best deals, especially as inflation hits their wallets. The backdrop is different from a year ago when shoppers bought early due to concerns of not getting every item on their wish list.

Meanwhile, early Black Friday shoppers at Oxon Hill’s Tanger Outlets are taking advantage of the small crowds.

"I’m here early because, one, I’m an early riser so of course, I was up. But all on my mind was Black Friday," said Black Friday shopper Aly Roy. "I just thought I should pick up something very special for my sweet little one, my daughter. She has a field trip coming up so I couldn’t wait to see her carry this [backpack]. She’s very adorable, hard-working, so I just want to make her continue to be happy."

A second shopper, Kuinta Lum, also shared his thoughts on Black Friday.

"Big sales going on today, so I’m just trying to get the shopping out the way. I just like being physical, I like going to the stores and shopping," said Lum. "I don’t like online shopping. I like to touch; I like to be physical."

Consumers should not take prices at face value when they are shopping on Black Friday, experts say. Some say that retailers will have good sales, but you should always do extra research to make sure you’re saving as much as possible, both in-store and online.