Committee votes on mobile sports betting in Maryland

Gamblers in Maryland are one step closer to finally finding out when they'll be able to use their phones to place bets.

As the Maryland law was written, the sports wagering review board has to finalize the application process for mobile and brick-and-mortar sportsbooks. 

It took a while, but that was officially given the green light this morning.             

Around 11:30 a.m., the paperwork was officially in the state’s joint Administrative, Executive, and Legislative Review Committee to sign off on. It could have taken a while for the vote to start.

But FOX 5 has confirmed with Baltimore Delegate Sandy Rosenberg that the vote has already opened, and he’s already voted for the regulations.

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There are 19 members on the committee and 10 have to vote yes.

But what does this all mean for sports bettors who are anxious for the law to change?

Once it passes — if it passes this joint committee — a pair of six-week periods that are part of the process to select who gets the state’s gambling licenses begins.

"It will allow us to begin accepting applications and that is a 45-day process," John Martin with Maryland Lottery explained. "At the end of 45 days, SWARC will collect whatever applications there are on either the mobile or retail side, preferably it’ll be some of both, and then they’ll begin their 45-day review process."

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The application process passed the Sports Wagering Board, and now it’s in the process of being voted on by this joint committee, if the committee passes it, the board will be allowed to start taking applications.

Fans hoping to place mobile bets on games and players may be able to during the latter half of the NFL and NCAA seasons. 

The changes could be official by December. 

It was just weeks ago officials thought mobile betting wouldn't happen in the state until the Super Bowl, so according to Martin and MD lottery —  the process is moving along.