Cobb County church rolls up sleeves to do God's work

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A Cobb County church traded Psalms for paint brushes and preaching for pressure washers as they turned their faith into action.

The Cumberland Community Church cancelled their typical Sunday service and instead met with the congregation of History Makers Church at LaBelle Elementary School in Smyrna to give Glory to God in a unique way.

"Well, our motivation is since we are faith-based organization; really our motivation is we want to be the hands and feet of Jesus that we do believe as a church. It's really important to worship and sit and be as a congregation and listen to a talking head on Sunday morning, but it's really important to get out into the community and worship by serving. Jesus came to serve others. We just want to serve others," said Cumberland Community Church Pastor Rob Irvine.

Hundreds showed up to give a much needed makeover to the Title I school. Volunteers cleaned, painted, built, power-washed, and landscaped breathing life in the under-resourced school.

"I think when you have pride in your environment you can feel better about yourself. You can feel better about what you are doing here," Special Ed Teacher Darcy Steele said. "Makes me want to smile and cry at the same time."

Those who attended said the amount of work accomplished was nothing short of a miracle.

"And we have a thousand volunteers here who are like an army of ants who are all over the place just changing the school from top to bottom into this makeover," said Pastor Irvine.

This is 26 th Faith In Action Sunday for the congregations and the eighth school they have renovated.