CMPD: Nothing illegal occurred during arrest of hit-and-run suspect

The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department says nothing illegal happened when one of their officers was caught on video punching a suspect seven times during an arrest last week.

The Chief of Police says when he first saw the video is kept him up at night - he knew it was a big deal.

The 10 second video was taken by a teenager who later posted it to social media.

It shows an officer striking a suspect who reportedly fled from a hit-and-run scene and continued to run from police.

On Tuesday, the police chief says footage from his officer's own body cameras gave a better view of what was happening.

The department is still looking into if any policy was violated at the scene, but again, they say nothing illegal occurred.

"No use of force looks good. There's no way we can use force against a citizen, a community member, and it play well," said CMPD Chief of Police Kerr Putney.

Malcolm Glenn Elliott II was arrested following the hit-and-run incident. Police say they will not be releasing the body camera footage because it's policy is only to do that if charges come up against an officer.