Christmas tree delivery company takes the hassle out of holiday setup

Thanksgiving is over - now it's time to decorate for Christmas. But if you just don't have the time to get out there and find that perfect Christmas tree - or if you just want to spend the day napping and eating leftovers - here's the website for you. will deliver a Christmas tree to your front door. The company will deliver a fresh cut Fraser Fir to your house - as long as you live inside of the beltway (CHECK HERE FOR LOCATIONS). The company says your tree will have the 'quintessential Christmas tree shape' and will fill the house with a 'classic Christmas tree aroma.'

Starting at $89 for the basic service - you'll get home delivery, a fresh cut on the trunk base, a tree stand, and care instructions. For about $30 more, you can have the crew set the tree up inside your home - and even vacuum up the needles. For an additional $45, the company will pick up your tree after Christmas and recycle it into mulch.

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