Chinese bars delivering happy hour drinks amid coronavirus lockdown

For the millions stuck at home in China amid the coronavirus outbreak, it’s definitely time for a drink.

With over 60 million people across several Chinese cities on lockdown, and therefore unable to make it to happy hour, happy hour is coming to them. Bars in the bustling cities of Guangzhou and Beijing have reportedly started delivering discounted drinks straight to customer’s doorsteps, as government leaders have temporarily paused all public activities and services in an effort to prevent further infections.

Through the continued confinement, some bars are hoping to keep the good times (and profits) flowing. In Guangzhou, the Mexican-inspired establishment Bandidos is serving discounted margaritas available for order via social app WeChat, while the “speakeasy”-style Hope and Sesame bar is said to be selling bottled-up versions of their cocktails.

Beijing’s Jing-A Brewing Co., meanwhile, has extended its hours and offered discounts on beer delivery through local food delivery platform Meituan.

In a similar move, fast food companies like McDonald’s, Starbucks and KFC have also ramped up their “contactless” pickup and delivery services in China to keep both workers and customers safe.

As of Tuesday morning, the viral outbreak has reportedly infected more than 73,250 across the globe, while the death toll has risen to at least 1,868.

The COVID-19 virus is believed to have originated in the city of Wuhan. The outbreak has spread to more than 25 countries, though the bulk of the cases remain in the Hubei province.

Chinese officials have imposed sweeping measures to contain the epidemic, cutting off outbound transportation from the hardest-hit cities and prolonging the Lunar New Year holiday.

Fox News' Louis Casiano, Jack Durschlag and the Associated Press contributed to this report.