Childhood friend Sylvia Amos: 'Prince was so full of life, just so full of life'

Sylvia Amos says she's still in shock her childhood friend, Prince, is no longer with us. On Sunday, she shared her fond memories of the icon before he became the sensation we grew to know as a global legend.

She knew Prince from the time he was just a teenager, and said he was a part of her family. Prince moved in with Sylvia's mother back in 1972 when he was only 14.

"I think there were some challenges he was facing in the home and his mother talked to my mother and they were comfortable with him living there," she said.

It was the home is where Prince practiced with bassist, Andre Cymone, Prince's best friend for years.

"Me, being older, a lot of the times him and Andre always thought I couldn't relate to their music," she said.

Being like a big sister to Prince, Sylvia became his first seamstress.

"I actually made the suit that he wore to Warner Brothers, when he went there to deal with his contract."

While Prince lived with Sylvia's family, the Minneapolis Urban League honored them with the "Family of the Year" award in 1976. Sylvia's mother was divorced, raising Prince as one of her own in a loving, nurturing, disciplined household.

"He had a good relationship with our family, and certainly my mother. He really loved and cared for my mother."

Last time Sylvia saw Prince, he invited her, along with his sister, Tyka, to his Welcome to Chicago tour in 2012. Sylvia was even one of only a handful of people who came to say goodbye at his intimate service at Paisley Park on Saturday.

"Prince was so full of life, just so full of life," she said. "It's hard to even accept he passed alone."

Prince Rogers Nelson, as private as he was, had no shortage of friends, and was so very loved.

"I knew him before he became the super star and I thank god for that," she said. "He's truly going to be missed, it's hard to believe he's gone."

Sources once close to Prince said a service at the Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses will be held to honor his life on May 8 in Chanhassen. A much bigger public service is also in the works to celebrate Prince's life.